Adventure Time with Gabrielle Thom – Show Notes

During our discussion about Adventure Time with Gabrielle Thom, we mentioned several scenes and episodes from the series. Below are some links to some of the things we discussed for your viewing pleasure.


Pilot Episode:


How Jake the Dog got his magic powers:


A compilation of Lemongrab noises/screams:


Sweet P (the Baby Lich) shows his dark side:


Its ok, he is still real cute:


A surprisingly succinct and detailed explanation of the Adventure Time multiverse:


A compilation of Prismo scenes:


Lemonhope Pt. 1 & 2 (Hulu Login Required):

Pt. 1 –

Pt. 2 –


Stakes Pt. 1 through 8 (Hulu Login Required:

Pt. 1 –

Pt. 2 –

Pt. 3 –

Pt. 4 –

Pt. 5 –

Pt. 6 –

Pt. 7 –

Pt. 8 –


The fall of Simon Petrikov/The rise of the Ice King:


Jaammmes Baxter:

The ball pops –

The origin story –


Mr. Fox – “Mmmm, what a jerk”:


Lumpy Space Princess – “My beans!!!”:


Finn – “I’ll see you in the nightosphere ya sick freak”:


Finn – “She smells like old hot dog water.”


Tart Totter Speech:

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