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Kingdom Hearts with Noah Ferentz – Show Notes

Kingdom Hearts with Noah Ferentz   Host Intro / Show Intro: Freak out with your geek out   Guest – Noah Ferentz: Q: What makes you a geek for Kingdom Hearts? A: Has played Kingdom Hearts 2 around eight times to completion and has bought […]

Ep. 11 – Kingdom Hearts with Noah Ferentz

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadThis episode we discuss the Final Fantasy-Disney love child that is the Kingdom Hearts series of video games. This series has a rich cannon which spans over multiple gaming systems, so it was lucky that we had Noah Ferentz […]

The Simpsons with Rich Coleman – Show Notes

The Simpson’s with Rich Coleman


Host Intro / Show Intro

Freak out with your geek out


Guest Intro

Rich Coleman

Q: What makes you a geek for The Simpson’s?

A: Watched since he was a child. Mom would record episodes on VCR for them to watch later.


Topic Intro

Q: Who are the members of The Simpson’s family?

A: Homer (Dad), Marge (Mom), Bart (Brother), Lisa (Sister), Maggie (Baby), Abe (Grandpa), Santa’s Little Helper (Dog), and Snowball 2 (Second Cat).


Q: Where does The Simpson’s take place?

A: The Town of Springfield in state unknown.


Q: How long has The Simpson’s been on the air?

A: ~30 years


Game #1 – Eat My Shorts

Bart Simpson is famous for saying “Eat my shorts” as  a way of saying “Hey authority figure or person I don’t respect…getoutahere!” We’ve substituted the word ‘shorts’ with other articles of clothing and we wanted to know how/if that changed the meaning of the phrase.

  • Eat my shirt – An adult trying to be edgy
  • Eat my socks – I’m going to beat you in a race / Eat my dust
  • Eat my hat – I feel so confident about this bet, if I am wrong I will eat my own hat
  • Eat my shoes – I’m just kidding round
  • Eat my underwear – Fuck off


Deeper Dive

Q: Which member of the Simpson’s family is your favorite and why?

A: As a kid it was Bart. The show itself used to focus on Bart much more, but now his favorite is Lisa because she is one of the few charcters with wisdom and a moral compass.


Q: Who are some of your favorite supporting characters? Describe them briefly.

A: Skinner, Apu, Barney Milhouse, and Milhouse’s Dad


Q: How do you think the show handled the recent backlash over Apu?

A: Not well at all. Not only did they use a bad metaphor to try to explain the issue, but they used Lisa as the person to deliver it which is so very out of character for her. Plus they break the fourth wall and talk directly to the screen. All in all, not handled well at all.


Q: Are there any other characters first time viewers should know about?

A: Ned Flanders (Neighbor), Patty and Selma Bouvier (Marge’s Sisters), Sideshow Bob (Voiced by Kelsey Grammer), and Krusty the Clown (Ronald McDonald).


Q: The intro to the show has the family rushing from their days to ultimately arrive at home to all sit on the couch. Because of the long life of the show, the creators have had a lot of fun with the “couch gag” at the end of the intro by having some out of ordinary things happen. What are some of your favorite couch gags? Describe them a bit.

A: A big foot crushing them, they dance and are in a circus, and the couch went missing and they cut to the couch on a voyage. Recent seasons have had guests make couch gags like a very dark one by Banksy ( and a strange vision of the future by Don Hertzfeldt (


Game #2 – Mmmmmm Donuts

The pink frosted donut with a bite taken out of it has become an iconic image that represents the series. In front of us now are dozen d onuts from the chain donut place across the street from me. (As an American, I ran there). We have 5 mins to eat as many donuts as we can and to make our best/most genuine happy eating sounds. Apologies in advance, listener.


  • If you don’t like the sounds of eating, skip from 53:58 to 59:05



Explore Further

Q: Where should first time viewers begin watching?

A: Either start from Season 1 and go to Season 10. Season 3 or 4 are where it starts to gain momentum and Season 5 is the peak.


Q: What are some of your favorite episodes or seasons of The Simpson’s?

A; The Monorail episode in Season 5 and Season 5 as a whole.


Q: What services do you use to watch the show?

A: The FX App has all of the episodes if you have a cable login.


Guest Plug

Q: Thanks for joining us, Rich! Before we go, are there any projects you wanted to tell our listeners about?

A: 66 Mustang at iO Theater. Indie team, Sebastian, has a run at The Playground theater starting May 23rd!   


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Ep. 10 – The Simpsons with Rich Coleman

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadThis episode we talk about the longest-running primetime scripted series on TV. With such a long running show, it can be tough to know where to begin and even where to end, so we spoke with life long Simpsons […]

Doctor Who with Mo Manklang Kingston – Show Notes

Doctor  Who with Mo Manklang Kingston   Guest intro – Mo Manklang Kingston Loves “New Era” Doctor Who Matt Smith is her Doctor She owns a Sonic Screwdriver   Topic Intro Who is Doctor Who? Last of the Time Lords/Gallifreyans What is Doctor Who? Time […]

Ep. 9 – Doctor Who with Mo Manklang Kingston

This week we tackle one of the topics that lead to the creation of Geekout (with Spencer & Kevin) Doctor Who! In order to guide us on our journey we turned to my resident Whovian, Mo Manklang Kingston. Mo is a geek about a ton of stuff and has one of the best laughs in the business. Don’t believe me? Check out this article featuring her and her husband Brendan. You can’t help, but love them.


Mo also helps put together The Bechdel Test Fest in Philadelphia which is an annual comedy festival which celebrates women, trans and nonbinary comedians in Philadelphia.

Hand Poke Tattoos with Daniel Haynes – Show Notes

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Ep. 8 – Hand Poke Tattoos with Daniel Haynes

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Shrek with Joe Schafer – Show Notes

Shrek – Joe Schafer


  1. Show Intro, Host Intros, and tagline (Freak out with your geek out)
  2. Guest Intro
    1. Joe Schafer
    2. Today we will be talking about Shrek
    3. What makes you a geek for Shrek/Do you consider yourself a Brogre?


  1. Topic Intro
    1. Who is Shrek?
      1. Who isn’t Shrek. Shrek is everyone.
    2. Who are some of the main characters?
      1. Donkey – Trusty sidekick and comic relief
      2. Princess Fiona – Independent and by no means in distress
  • Thelonious – Torturer and Lord Faquaad’s right hand man
  1. Lord Faquaad – Main villain in the first Shrek and main villain (in ghost form) in Shrek 4D.
    1. Musical – Confirmed to be offspring of one of the seven dwarves.
    2. Conspiracy Theory: Lord Farqaad’s flag influenced the Facebook logo.
  2. Brief Summary
    1. An ogre named Shrek must rescue a princess for an unmarried noble in order for that noble to move the fairy tale creatures he relocated to the swamp.


  1. Game #1 – Welcome to Duloc
    1. When Shrek and Donkey arrive in Lord Farquaad’s kingdom Duloc they encounter an automated puppet show which sing the graces of Duloc and lays some ground rules. One of the funniest lines is the misdirection, “Please keep off the grass/Shine your shoes, wipe your……face!” In that fashion, here are three misdirection riddles:
      1. I come in many sizes. Sometimes, I drip. When you blow me, you feel good. What am I?
        1. Nose
      2. They are all fake and Dolly Parton has some big ones. It can cost a lo of money for a good one, but at least you can pick the size and color. What am I?
        1. A Wig
  • What goes in pink and hard then comes out soft and sticky?
    1. Bubblegum


  1. Deeper Dive
    1. Donkey/Dragon Vs. Shrek/Fiona
      1. Who has a better romantic origin?
      2. Who has a better home life?
  • Who has a better sex life?
  1. How do you feel about the fan theory that Donkey is a boy from Pleasure Island in Pinocchio?
    1. Every character, especially the main characters, are based in a popular fairy tale, but what is Donkey’s?
    2. Even though there are many talking animals in the Shrek Universe, a talking donkey comes up again and again as strange/unusual.
  • He remembers receiving wedgies and swirlies, but HOW?
  1. When Puss in Boots and Donkey switch bodies, Puss cannot control the “hee-haws”. Similarly when the boys on Pleasure Island transform into donkeys they also cannot control the “hee-haws”.


  1. Game #2 – Shrek 5
    1. When it was first created, Shrek was meant to have five core films in the series. After the 4th movie, Shrek Forever After, multiple sources alluded to it being the last installation. Recently, however, there has been talk of creating the fifth film with a 2019-2020 release date. So let’s create the major plot points and save Dreamworks some time.
      1. Title – Shrek Resurrection
      2. Opening – Shrek is killed by powerful evil force
  • The Shrek children trying to avenge their father
  1. Main Villian – Ghost Farquaad in Lych form because of Thelonious and Fairy Godmother. They sacrifice some of the seven dwarves to do so.
  2. Duloc is turned into a Necropolis and blight is spreading throughout Far Far Away.
  3. Conclusion – Find Farquaad’s ashes and destroy them


  1. Explore Further
    1. Which of the movies would you consider essential to fully understand the Shrek Universe?
      1. The first and second.
    2. What forums are you involved with?
      1. Just Google it, bebe


  1. The End – Be sure to rate and review us on iTunes or your favorite podcast directory.


  1. References that Came Up
    1. What’s Up, Duloc? –
    2. When Words Fail –
    3. Chris Farley as Shrek –
    4. Pinocchio’s Pleasure Island –

Ep. 7 – Shrek with Joe Schafer

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadWelcome to GeekOut (with Spencer and Kevin) Its a real fun podcast This episode we talk about Shrek And we had a blast Guest was Joe Hosts are us And we won’t make a fuss GeekOut (with Spencer and […]