GeekOut with Spencer & Kevin is a podcast where we speak with geeks about the things they love so that their passion can lay geek eggs in our listeners ears and infect them with geekdom as well. Think we just talk about traditional geek stuff? Well we 100% do, but here at GeekOut being labeled a “Certified Geek” means you have the passion to be a standard bearer for anything you love!


Latest Episode

Ep. 38 - Fire with Kevin Ruth (hosted by Becca & Gab)

Take your script and flip the dang thing, gang! This week Kevin Ruth is the guest on the cast talking about fire with your hosts Becca Ballinger & Gabrielle Thom.



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For those keeping track at home: Spencer only has 2 episodes of the Leftovers to go.

Gotta love data and visualization of that data especially when it backs up our geek for Ep. 10 about #TheSimpsons

Hot new #episode out today talking some @NBA. It’s a real... SLAM DUNK! Check it out! https://t.co/uWNApaEdSh #podcast

About to drive home? Why not #GeekOut about biomes and learn something new?

And yes I asked about the existence of C’Thulu in the deep sea so tune in to finally get some answers. #podcast #newepisode https://t.co/W43YqbJFZX

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